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The NPQML is an accredited leadership qualification for middle leaders, or those with who are seeking opportunities for career progression.


Delivery Format

This year our NPQML offer will be delivered remotely. Participants will be able to engage with a range of online self-learning materials written by LLSE facilitators via the LLSE online learning platform (Moodle). Suggested dates will be set for accessing these materials and will be followed by virtual live discussion sessions led by Ksent school leaders where participants will be offered the opportunity to discuss their learning and its implementation. These live discussions will form a mandatory part of the course and must be attended.


The CLASS NPQML Programme includes:

  • A virtual Induction Twilight for you and your coach, to fully understand the requirements of the programme and journey to Final Assessment

  • Online entry Leadership Diagnostic that identifies development areas through feedback from colleagues

  • An online package of 4 days of self-directed study

  • Online access to the most recent school leadership research to support your development as a leader

  • A virtual Final Assessment Twilight to fully prepare you for your assessment submission

  • Access to the LLSE Professional Learning Community

  • Ongoing in-school coach/mentor support to link learning to your in-school role

  • Access to the highly commended LLSE support team throughout the programme



Leading with Impact:

  • Anticipate other peoples’ views or feelings and moderate your approach accordingly.

  • Adopt different leadership styles to ensure the team meets its objectives.

  • Present, communicate or defend challenging messages confidently and positively to a range of audiences.

Teaching and Curriculum Excellence:

  • Grow excellent, evidence-based teaching in a team and a curriculum that develops pupils academically and prepares them for adult life.

  • Improve the progress, attainment and behaviour of all pupils, including those who are disadvantaged or have particular needs (for example, Pupil Premium, SEND, EAL or gifted and talented pupils).

Increasing Capability:

  • Hold others to account, line manage and evaluate performance effectively.

  • Support all members of their team with appropriate, targeted opportunities for professional development, including newly qualified teachers, teaching assistants, and stronger or weaker performers.

  • Recognise their own strengths and weaknesses and identify learning linked to their needs.

  • Evaluate the impact of professional development and pupils outcomes.

 School Strategy and Improvement:

  • Manage and analyse performance data to evaluate progress, identify trends, define team priorities and develop improvement strategies.

  • Implement successful change at team level.

 Working in Partnership:

  • Realise the benefits of collaborating with others, including teachers, teaching assistants and non-teaching staff, other schools, parents/carers and other organisations.

  • Support their team to build and sustain relationships with others in order to develop and share good practice and improve performance.

 Managing Resources and Risks:

  • Deploy staff, financial and educational resources within a team effectively, to enhance pupil progress and attainment.

  • Manage risks within a team effectively (for example in relation to staffing, finances or teacher workload), using a risk register.


Final Assessment

The final assessment is submitted to an external assessor. The assessment comprises of a project style submission detailing your development as a leader throughout the programme.  You will create a 4,500-word report based on your School Project where you will have been working with your team to improve pupil progress and attainment and your team’s capabilities. Your school-based coach and sponsor will also be required to contribute by verifying your submission and supporting with further evidence. You will be able to choose a window for your assessment within a 16-month timescale. 


Application Process:

In order to apply for a place on the NPQML potential candidates will need to complete a course specific application form. LLSE will then review applications to ensure they meet the requisite requirements.

To book a place please complete the appropriate application form and send it to:


Important information regarding changes to the NPQML

The DfE has announced changes to the NPQ accreditation that will come into force from September 2021. After this date a range of new NPQ qualifications will be available. This will be the last cohort to run under the current guidance. For this reason, all participants will be expected to complete their final assessment by no later than May 2022, Although participants will have the option to submit earlier. Taught seminars for the NPQML will commence in January 2021 giving participants 16 months to complete their assessment. The May 2022 submission deadline is final and cannot be changed. After May 2022 it will not be possible for participants to submit, or resubmit NPQ assessments.


More information about the upcoming changes to the NPQ qualifications can be found here:



Closing date for applications: 25 November 2020