Cooperative Representation

Increasingly the strength of our single voice is becoming apparent within the county and beyond.  We have placed ourselves firmly at the heart of educational planning in Kent, leaving the historic marginalisation of special schools and our young people, well and truly behind us.

As the educational landscape has changed, we have developed a consistently strong voice across the County and the South East South London Region. We work closely with Whole School SEND and the SESL SEND group, the National Network of Specialist Providers and the Cooperative schools network, being represented on both regional and national boards.

Kent has a strong Kent association of Headteachers and through our close relationship and partnership with them, we have led many inclusion initiatives and have ensured special schools play a vital role in the development of inclusive education in the county. The Trust has a place on all four Area Boards and our Lead Professional sits on the KAH Executive.

Recognition for our students, representation of their needs and representation of our sector of education is at the heart of all we do. A cooperative, democratic, distributed model of collaboration continues to serve our community well.